Care Tips For A Recently Replaced Windshield

A windshield replacement is necessary when a large crack appears in the glass. And, to ensure longevity and safety, the repair should be made by an automotive expert. Once the expert puts in the new piece of glass, there are a few things that you should do.

Do Not Remove The Tape

Some professional windshield replacement businesses will use a tapeless process where adhesive is placed directly on the windshield. However, others will use tape during the installation. And, you should know that it is best to keep this tape in place for 24 to 48 hours, according to your installation specialist. The tape is called retention tape and it helps to keep the rubber windshield molding securely in place. This allows for the creation of a tight seal.

Not only does the tape create a seal, but it prevents dirt and debris from getting underneath the adhesive. This keeps the seal watertight.

You have the option of removing the tape on your own or allowing the replacement technician to do this for you. If you decide to do it on your own, pull the tape up at the corner and slowly peel it away. Peel towards your own body and away from the edge of the windshield. If any tape gets stuck, use a razor blade to remove it. 

Minimize Pressure

When it comes to windshield repair, you want to keep the pressure on the glass reduced as much as possible. Otherwise, the sealant may not fully seal. This can lead to future cracks as well as the condensation on the inside of your vehicle. While it may be obvious to let your car sit for a day or two and to keep your hands and your power washer away from your car, there are quite a few other things that can cause an increase of pressure on the glass.

You want to avoid leaving your car in the sun for too long as this causes the expansion of the air inside of your car as it heats up. And, this air will push on the glass from the interior. If you do need to leave your car outside, make sure to leave the windows open a crack. When getting out of the car, do not slam the door and also think about shutting your trunk gently for at least a few days. 

If you want some more tips on how to care for a windshield replacement, speak with a glass installation expert. 

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